Ponzinomics Debate @ DeFiDay 2022 in Amsterdam


Marcus Aurelius


April 28, 2022

I had a blast engaging in spirited debate with Seraphim (Euler Finance) and Frank (Oasis), two thoughtful and innovative DeFi builders.

While Frank was framed as the antagonist, advocating that Ponzinomics are an inherently unsustainable mechanism, I clearly articulated my position that Ponzinomics can be useful for incentivizing early adoption, but is not a value proposition in and of itself.

The key difference that turns a project utilizing Ponzinomics to incentivize early adopters into a Ponzi scheme is the lack of a clear path to generating real value for real users. As long as there is a legitimate value proposition to the products or services provided by the project, it’s not appropriate to accuse that project of being a Ponzi scheme.

I love this debate format for panels, it’s much more engaging for both panelists and the audience when there are principled disagreements and spicy takes playing out live on-stage. I hope more event organizers learn from the wonderful team at CryptoCanal, and go beyond crowded generic panels where the moderator just goes down the line asking stock questions.

All views and opinions expressed here are my own, and do not reflect the official positions of organizations to which I contribute.

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