Scaling Climate Action with Blockchain Technology @ EthCC 2023


Marcus Aurelius


July 18, 2023

EthCC is one of the largest annual Ethereum conferences, and it was a joy to be back in Paris again to share the latest developments in the Digital Carbon Market.

I spoke toward the end of a set of a back-to-back talks from different projects applying blockchain to carbon markets. Many of the speakers before me had broad sweeping presentations, attempting to communicate a massive amount of information using dense slides and broad sweeping narratives. This led someone in the audience to ask the same question at the end of each talk: “What have you actually delivered to date?”

Having learned the perils of dense, text-heavy slides from this excellent talk about how to speak, I made sure my slides had the minimum text necessary, and I emphasized just a few key takeaways. Thankfully KlimaDAO has plenty of live, production systems to highlight, and I’ve explained the basics of carbon markets so often that I was able to keep my messaging very simple.

All views and opinions expressed here are my own, and do not reflect the official positions of organizations to which I contribute.

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