NYU Sustainable Travel & Tourism Seminar: Monitoring & Evaluation


Marcus Aurelius


May 5, 2023

KlimaDAO was recently invited to attend and present at the second Sustainable Travel & Tourism Seminar organized by the NYU Travel & Tourism Research Collaboratory. The theme of this seminar was “Sustainability Monitoring and Evaluation” - over two days, we heard from a variety of individuals and organizations working to bring more sustainable practices to the travel & tourism sector, and I shared some of the solutions KlimaDAO is working on to compensate for the emissions from aviation and live events in an efficient and transparent manner.

In my talk, I highlight the difficulty in verifying corporate social responsibility claims using antiquated manual retirement processes and PDF certificates, and demonstrate the increased transparency and improved user experience afforded by digital carbon credit retirement (powered by blockchain technology under the hood). I also compare a traditional aviation offset provider currently used by Air Canada (Chooose) with the automated retirement solution we are prototyping with FlyAir, a private jet booking company.

All views and opinions expressed here are my own, and do not reflect the official positions of organizations to which I contribute.

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